Are you
a freight forwarder ?

GedMouv is the shared traceability solution that allows you to:

  • Optimise the tracking of deliveries of your regular and one-off chartered shipments.
  • Offer guaranteed tracking to your customers (validation each step of the delivery process, photo of the signature with geo-tracking of location etc.).
  • Save time in administrative follow-up thanks to immediate and centralised proof of delivery.

The GedMouv traceability platform is a unique interface that allows you to receive orders from your customers and to transmit transport orders to subcontracted carriers. From your dashboard, run your business with a single overview and track your orders with ease.

In case of delay, objection or litigation, you will be informed immediately by an alert.

Track & Trace


Route management

  • Order tracking and geo-tracking of delivery process steps
  • Route management
  • Alerts in case of error
  • Transshipments
  • Export order summaries
  • Interoperable with computer systems


GedMouv simplifies exchanges while retaining the tools of each one: it connects with your TMS as well as with the tools of your partners. You can also avoid re-entering data by directly transmitting your chartered shipment confirmations from B2PWEB.

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