Are you an industrialist? Distributor? Manufacturer?

Do you want to track your shipments?

GedMouv is the traceability solution for the delivery of goods that allows you to:

  • Simply and directly transmit your transport orders to your service providers.
  • Have permanent access to the smooth running of your shipment.
  • Stay informed in real time of possible incidents (delay, problem with the goods, litigation, etc.).

GedMouv is the shared traceability tool that facilitates the tracking of your shipments and the communication of transport information. It consists of a web platform and a mobile app for drivers.

Track & Trace


Electronic consignment note

  • Transmission of orders in one click
  • Management of favourite places
  • Order management dashboard
  • Run your business from the dashboard
  • Share information with the recipient
  • Track and Trace shipments
  • Export your order summaries


You can easily create and send your transport orders. Keep an eye on your shipment (geo-track delivery process steps) and stay informed of any problems. When the delivery has been made, you have access to the signature with geo-tracking.

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