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They wished to offer special support to our challenge.For that we thank them.

GedMouv, the shared traceability solution designed for you!

Each player is now connected with their partner network and can exchange data with ease. No more re-entering data!

  • The customer transmits their order on GedMouv.
  • The carrier receives it instantly and can assign the job to their driver.
  • At every stage of delivery, information is reported and is visible to each player involved.

Save time, be proactive and increase customer satisfaction with GedMouv! 

Our references

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Digitisation and traceability are inevitable substantive phenomena which we cannot ignore and must embrace as quickly as possible. Our goal is to have one single traceability system for all our customers ...

Franck BERBERAT, Manager, Val D'ornain (55)
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100 POUR 100 FRET

I wish to offer an additional service to my customers with the possibility of geo-tracking their shipments. Our goal is to save our transport partners time and energy by avoiding calls to check the status of deliveries ...

Yvonnick Le Mintier, Manager, Saint-Pierre-des-Corps (37)
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As we were already a B2PWeb and GedTrans customer, it seemed obvious to us to choose the GedMouv traceability tool. With this solution, we were looking for quick relaying of documents related to transport for a faster transmission to our contractors. To offer a better quality of service for our customers, we make every effort to make our drivers aware of this app ...

Marc MARINIER, Manager, Bully (69)
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As a B2PWEB and GEDTRANS customer and completely satisfied with both services, it seemed logical to complete the offer with this traceability tool. With this solution, we want to quickly relay information and documents related to the processing of transport operations ...

Cédric Laquet, Manager, Delle (90)
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We chose GedMouv for its ease of use, its representativeness via GedTrans and its responsiveness.

Eric BRICHE, President and CEO, Limoges (87)
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We chose GedMouv to benefit from delivery tracking and provide this service to our customers. Bridges are being built between GedMouv and Cofisoft, our computer system, to automate files.

Alain FOURNIE, CEO, Toulouse (31)
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With a growing demand from different customers to be updated with shipping progress and to respond quickly, we chose the GedMouv solution to take advantage of the pooling of the development of the B2PWeb and GedTrans solutions and the expertise of developers. GedMouv improves the quality of service we owe to our customers, and increases the efficiency of operations and sales administration. For several weeks, we have been launching pilots with some of our customers ...

David SAGNARD, President, Calais (62)
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GedMouv is a service offered by S2PWeb and recognised throughout the profession. Over the years, the team has shown its ability to offer products that meet professional expectations: innovative and user-friendly at very competitive prices. GedMouv seems to be the best tool to offer our customers ...

Cyril ROTA, Manager, Rosières-Près-Troyes (10)
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The GedMouv solution meets all our needs in terms of geo-tracking and feedback. Their experience and in-depth knowledge of our line of business were decisive factors in our choice. Their app will allow us to provide an added quality of service to our customers.

Franck Le Roy, CEO, Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande (35)
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Delivery tracking apps are now indispensable, numerous and in some cases imposed by shippers. We cannot impose 10 different delivery tracking apps on our drivers each day depending on the choice imposed by each of our customers...

Sébastien DUVAL, Manager, Château-du-Loir (72)