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"A special thank you to all our partners."
Jean-Claude Plâ

GedMouv, the shared traceability solution designed for you!

Each player is now connected with their partner network and can exchange data with ease. No more re-entering data!

  • The customer transmits their order on GedMouv.
  • The carrier receives it instantly and can assign the job to their driver.
  • At every stage of delivery, information is reported and is visible to each player involved.

Save time, be proactive and increase customer satisfaction with GedMouv! 

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We have chosen GedMouv because it's a tool created by our profession. Step by step, GedMouv will be integrated into our working method in order to make more flexible the e-CMr management.

Michael Crouzet, President, Montans (81)
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The GedMouv solution meets all our needs in terms of geo-tracking and feedback. Their experience and in-depth knowledge of our line of business were decisive factors in our choice. Their app will allow us to provide an added quality of service to our customers.

Franck Le Roy, CEO, Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande (35)
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Our group has invested heavily in digitalisation and e-tracking of our transport services and their associated documents. The GedMouv app is a logical extension of this strategy and allows us to provide a comprehensive solution to our customers ...

Michel ALAINÉ, President, Macon (71)
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GedMouv is a simple solution to implement and effective to meet the growing need for responsiveness in exchanges with our partners.

Stéphane Peterson, CEO, Saint André De Cubzac (33)
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100 POUR 100 FRET

I wish to offer an additional service to my customers with the possibility of geo-tracking their shipments. Our goal is to save our transport partners time and energy by avoiding calls to check the status of deliveries ...

Yvonnick Le Mintier, Manager, Saint-Pierre-des-Corps (37)
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We have been waiting for a solution to inform our customers in real time about their logistics flows and improve our operational productivity. GedMouv is first and foremost a strong commercial argument for our customers, who now have a dashboard for real-time tracking of their shipments ...

Michel GARNIER, Manager, Pont-Saint-Martin (44)
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As a B2PWEB and GEDTRANS customer and completely satisfied with both services, it seemed logical to complete the offer with this traceability tool. With this solution, we want to quickly relay information and documents related to the processing of transport operations ...

Cédric Laquet, Manager, Delle (90)
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Digitisation and traceability are inevitable substantive phenomena which we cannot ignore and must embrace as quickly as possible. Our goal is to have one single traceability system for all our customers ...

Franck BERBERAT, Manager, Val D'ornain (55)
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It is a simple, affordable tool that helps reassure customers when it comes to tracking their goods during transport. We strive to ensure that our drivers fully support our approach to provide an added quality of service to our customers.

Vincent PEREZ, Manager, Rouen (76)
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We were looking for a simple tool to inform our customers in real time of deliveries made as well as incidents encountered during transit and during delivery. The GedMouv app responded well to all these issues, and much more ...

Yann QUEMENER, Operations, Landivisiau (29)