Interview: Benefit from centralised visibility to optimise your organisation

In the context of the “Collaborative Supply Chain: Challenges and Solutions” folder, Audrey CAYETANO, Product Marketing Manager, answers FAQ Logistique’s questions.

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Interview with Audrey CAYETANO

Audrey Cayetano, Product Marketing Manager, highlights the objectives of the B2PWeb, GedTrans and GedMouv tools and their development potential.

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Connecting Carriers and Prime Contractors – Informations Entreprise

B2PWEB and its subsidiary S2PWEB (H2P holding company) provide their customers with full web business solutions to optimise their transport and monitoring of their service providers.

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GedMouv integrates route management – Transportissimo

Following the estimated delivery time (ETA) and the electronic consignment note, GedMouv integrates route management into its platform and mobile app. The company continues its approach of pooling…

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S2PWeb launches its Innovation Lab – Transport Info

True to its startup DNA, the company is investing in its own innovation factory. S2PWeb is creating its Innovation unit to enrich its technology monitoring to anticipate future trends and uses…

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GedMouv attracts new developers – VoxLog

The first quarter of 2018 showed signs of numerous fruitful collaborations between S2PWeb and developers of transport solutions…

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Aftral students will be trained in using the transport traceability tool Gedmouv – VoxLog

To better immerse transport and logistics students in their future profession, Aftral has signed a partnership with S2PWeb, developer of the Gedmouv platform.

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GedMouv connects SC actors – Usine nouvelle

In a “win-win” optimisation approach, the GedMouv traceability solution for goods flows has already won over major retailers, manufacturers and their transport providers…

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Groupe Ageneau moves towards controlled traceability – TRM le Guide

Arnaud Ageneau, young co-manager of the Cholet group, explains his IT management control strategy, and his involvement with the GedMouv platform, which he wants to see at the heart of the relationship between shippers and carriers.

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