GedMouv is a service offered by S2PWeb and recognised throughout the profession. Over the years, the team has shown its ability to offer products that meet professional expectations: innovative and user-friendly at very competitive prices. GedMouv seems to be the best tool to offer our customers the level of delivery tracking that they expect. The interfaces are simple and ergonomic both for carriers and customers and and the driver interface is intuitive and easy to use. The cost of the service is interesting in view of the benefits to administrative management. GedMouv is also a very interesting tool for limiting litigations and other disputes with our customers by offering high transparency in terms of delivery.

Our goal is to deploy the app across our internal and outsourced activities to ensure our customers a level of information that equivalent and easily available. To avoid time-consuming re-entering of data, our TMS supplier GPI has developed the essential interface for automated order integration in partnership with GedMouv.

This means that information circulates in real time, from the driver to the customer consultation portal, without any manual intervention. For our freight forwarding activity, we will favour partners equipped with GedMouv to maintain the same level of service and improve our administrative processing.

Cyril ROTA, Manager, Rosières-Près-Troyes (10)