Delivery tracking apps are now indispensable, numerous and in some cases imposed by shippers. We cannot impose 10 different delivery tracking apps on our drivers each day depending on the choice imposed by each of our customers… The vast majority of startups developing delivery tracking apps will not survive, so it’s also about making the right choice !

GedMouv is an excellent traceability solution, developed for transport professionals and their customers. That’s why I chose to use GedMouv internally and advise our customers to do the same. This works very well, it is easier to have one single reliable and effective app, and especially one that we can have confidence in. We have confidence in the people who develop it, as well as in its durability. Stay tuned…

Sébastien DUVAL, Manager, Château-du-Loir (72)

Camion Duval location suivi expéditions avec GedMouv